MicroBlog Monday: Pet Peeves

This felt like a good one for MicroBlog Monday since it will limit the amount of complaining. So here are 5 things that currently irritate and annoy me.

1) People telling me I have a monkey/baby/person on my back while my son is in the Ergo. This is about as original and annoying as customers telling a cashier “it must be free” when an item doesn’t ring up on the first try.

2) My neighbors leaving bags of garbage and kitty litter in the hallway for days on end. One doesn’t even use plastic bags and just throws her garbage outside her door. Then, in extreme laziness, she overflows the laundry room garbage can with it instead of walking it to the dumpster in the back like everyone else.

3) Baby talk. Just stop. He is almost two and that confused look he is sending me in sidelong glances is him asking me what the hell is wrong with you. Talk to him like a the person he is, if you don’t mind

4) Shitty communication. My parents are high on this list. I messaged my dad Friday that we need to talk soon so we can figure out the plan. Ya know, the time sensitive one that includes giving my job notice, finding a sublessor, and getting the actual moving plan in order. It is now Monday.

5) Wallace has taken to shrieking. It is obnoxious and I am so over it. He has a few other less than stellar things he has picked up.

What are your pet peeves?

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8 Responses to MicroBlog Monday: Pet Peeves

  1. My biggest Pet peeve is Adults and children (teenagers) baby talking. I just blogged about this in my 30 Day Blog Challenge the other day. I just want to punch them in the throat. Lol

    I hate pointless conversation.
    I can’t stand when people tell me my kid will never walk if I carry them everywhere. My son walks perfectly fine…just too slow to get anywhere.
    I get pretty frustrated when people don’t pick up on non-verbal communication but I totally understand that some people just don’t read it.
    I hate when i catch myself saying “I’m tired” because while often true I don’t even think about it before saying it.

  3. The most recent was a cashier and that was about my internal reaction too!

  4. On the non verbal communication: how about when someone doesn’t realize or check their own? Ugh.

  5. kayrosey says:

    People chewing with their mouth open really gets to me, so does too much perfume.

  6. Gah! Yes to both. Chewing just because it is annoying and perfume because I get migraines. Gum chewing, period, is enough to turn me off of someone.

  7. People not spelling my name right is a big on for me! I have two Ns. It drives me crazy when people write Jen.

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