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I sew, crochet, bake, fix things, and am all around your little 50’s housewife minus my own house or wife. I was on a roll with crochet projects, whipped up 5 baby (and 1 doll) carriers, made toddler sized dress and pants from a men’s dress shirt, and painted some t-shirts in the last few months. I have a hard time finishing projects once I set them aside, so I am also trying to find languishing items and complete them.

But, after I make a ring sling for a friend, I am kinda out of sewing projects. I have a ton of fabric and notions and some more unfinished crafts (like a pair of socktopi I never got to 3 years ago…) and am trying to come up with some ideas. The more I can do from things I already have, the better. Here is what I have come up with so far.

Car Play Mat
I came across the idea of making roads from old jeans but Wallace doesn’t seem quite ready for that. He is just now getting into driving his cars and trains around so I was thinking of one of those road rugs. I would rather make things than buy them and like the idea of it being washable. I haven’t committed to a fabric choice – felt would be easy but fabric would be more durable – but have been perusing ideas.

Bike Basket
Wallace has a great scuttlebug bike he got for his birthday from Gramma. He rides it all over the house and outside at hers. I was thinking of crocheting a basket but that would be hard on my wrists. I found this tutorial and really like it. Then I found this and might have to go for this style instead.

Floor Cushion
I love this idea so much that I pulled out fabric and started working on it before I even nursed Wallace this morning. I want some sort of comfy spot for him to sit on and read books or drag around the house. I also really like this homemade bean bag chair but it is a bit big for his room right now.

I need some more ideas! Especially clothes. Boy’s clothes tend to be so boring and Wallace pretty much just likes shirts with animals on them anyway. I would love to come up with decoration for Wallace’s room, something related to his play kitchen, and maybe something for me… gasp!

I have some felt play food I should work on that I started when I was ttc but it is sitting down work. I also have a crochet Amish puzzle ball in the works for a friend’s baby. Wallace is done nursing, so back to the floor cushion now!




Update 2

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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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19 Responses to Crafty Momma

  1. kayrosey says:

    I’ve been pinteresting the crap out of quiet books. I’m not a good sewer, but I’m considering giving it a try so I can make some of them.

  2. One friend suggested that but it’s just not something I feel like making. I have another friend who made some great ones though! If I can make it standing at my cutting board and sewing machine then Wallace will play by himself. If I have to sit to do something, then he will be all over me.

  3. Love the floor cushion! Awesome fabric.

    The book ‘Growing Up Sew Liberated’ has some AWESOME sewing projects, including a bunch of ‘boy’ clothes, a great waldorf doll pattern, and a pattern for a play hut – I highly recommend it. I don’t usually buy patterns, but it is super worth it.

  4. I might be able to get it from the library! Will check now.

  5. Sarah says:

    Those are adorable! I love that cushion in particular, but my girl would dig that basket on her bike. I need my sewing machine out of storage!

  6. Sarah says:

    Also, the pizza shorts are so cute! Did you make those too? And now I’m thinking about how much more efficient standing up at the sewing machine would likely be, both from a parenting standpoint and an ergonomic one, at least for my body issues!

  7. Thanks! I’m not super pleased with how the basket turned out. It slouches and doesn’t stay up.

  8. Yea I did, hahaha. And the shirt we painted. The fabric is leftover from birthday dresses I made twins I worked with years ago. I need to find a home for the dresses. How big is your daughter?

  9. That bike basket is brilliant!!! i will have to try one of those! Cushions are a good idea for the kids in their room so maybe I’ll give them a go for xmas.
    I love the fabric and wooden dowel swings, have you seen those?

  10. I have seen those and wish I would have been brave enough to try it! I don’t have a way to drill a hole in a dowel. The one thing I changed was stitching up the side by hand instead of part of the circle. Very fast project!

  11. ruthmeaney says:

    That floor cushion looks fab! Maybe make yourself something lovely? A top? A skirt? A 50s housewife apron? 🙂

  12. I have a vintage pattern I am tempted to try… sewing for adults is hard though!

  13. ruthmeaney says:

    It’s a bit less fiddly though 🙂 vintage pattern sounds good!

  14. I did a little reading on them and they can be harder than modern ones. They don’t allow as much easement and don’t have clear instructions. I don’t actually know where my patterns ended up with this last move.

  15. ruthmeaney says:

    They probably assume more prior knowledge than today. Good luck finding them

  16. Yea that is exactly what one of the articles said.

  17. Sarah says:

    She’s 4, and right around a 4T. My mom used to let us pick out material for shorts in the summer, and that is exactly the kind of stuff we used to go for! It was just fun to have something no one else had!

  18. Bummer, if she were a 2 I would send one to you! I think I’m going to try a craft fair this fall and sell them at that.

  19. Sarah says:

    Definitely! That would be fun – there are tons of craft fairs around here (NW AR) in the fall, makes me wish I had my machine out of storage that much more.

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