Microblog Monday: Halloween

The last two years I have had horrible migraines on Halloween and didn’t do anything I had planned. I really didn’t plan anything for this year and just let things happen. I made Wallace the costume he requested, a tree, and was semi pleased with it. I wish the leaves I had bought had been bigger.


On Thursday, I took Ava and Wallace to Missy’s work and they got to trick or treat there. He was great about saying it as he grabbed a piece of candy. On Friday, he got to trick or treat at OT on an adaptive tricycle. We made a pumpkin shirt Friday afternoon and carved pumpkins Saturday afternoon.



Gramma came over Saturday night and I got him dressed up. We walked two blocks to a church and did the indoor trunk or treat (I had to ask Missy what that was) because it was raining. He then tried a few houses on his way home. He was enthralled with all the kids in costumes and the decorations. Sunday, we lit the pumpkin because it was too wet and windy Saturday to do it.


This is his first holiday he is really getting and it is fun to watch him get into it. He will be sad when all the Halloween decorations come down.

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9 Responses to Microblog Monday: Halloween

  1. Lindsay says:

    Evie will be sad about the Halloween decorations coming down, too. It’s her new favourite activity – going for walks and finding all of the cool decorations. She has a couple favourite houses who went all out…I guess we have Christmas decorations to look forward to!

  2. Christmas will be fun! Except I’m not doing the Santa thing and he loves Santa. He is also set on making a snowman and getting a carrot from the fridge for it. I don’t know where he got that from.

  3. I didn’t want to do Santa but Carter is OBSESSED and I’ve decided that it’s not a battle I care enough about so we will take it day by day with that one.

  4. My mom got Wallace Santa Claus and the Three Bears book last year. It hooked him. I will read stories and talk about it but I don’t want to tell him Santa is real or give him gift from him.

  5. What a delicious smile and laugh!

    And I love the tree!

  6. He cracks himself up like that all the time. He made a great tree.

  7. Mel says:

    Very very cute. I love the expression on his face when he was reaching into the pumpkin. Like, “what is this stuff?”

  8. I was so surprised he actually did it! He definitely thought it was gross but wanted to help.

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