MicroBlog Monday: Crafty Christmas

I love making things -sewing, crochet, glueing things- all of it. I especially like giving things I have made specifically for someone as gifts. I am lacking on time to get things done, but here’s a round up of this years holidays crafts. I’ve included links for the patterns and tutorials I used or based my projects on for a little inspiration.

Eye Spy Bags – for Wallace and Ellie, not done yet.

Boot slippers – for Quinn, done!


Doll diapers and wipes pack – for Ellie and Ava, leftovers from the third craft fair we didn’t get to do.

Doll mei tai – for Ava, from the craft fair stash.

Winter yarn wreath – for my mom, almost done, just have to attach the snowflakes.


Felted wool sweater garland – for my dad, half done, I have been wanting to make this for eight years.

Tree skirt – for my dad, fabric is cut and washed.

Gluten Free Playdough – for Wallace, I think I have all the ingredients…

Cloth alphabet magnets – for Wallace, I’ve got the materials but I’m not sure I will get this one done.

Yoga Cards – for Wallace, highly unlikely I will get this done.

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6 Responses to MicroBlog Monday: Crafty Christmas

  1. Lindsay says:

    Nice! I really love hand made things. The only thing I can do is knit, and I haven’t had time to make as many gifts as I would have liked.

  2. These school finals are taking up too much time that I could be crafting! Oh and this kid…

  3. Mel says:

    Those are the cutest boots! You make wonderful gifts.

  4. Thank you! I really like the way they came out. I am hustling on my final exams and trying to get all this sewing done.

  5. Sarah says:

    So many cool things! I love that garland – that may be a project due next year! And the boots are adorable. I’m going to be late with my homemade gifts this year, so I’m trying to transition them to more New Year’s themed concepts, rather than Christmas, as I planned… We’ll see how that goes!

  6. Ooh, what are you making? The garland is all done and I will get a picture when it is up on the tree. If i don’t get everything done for Wallace, his birthday is in march.

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