Microblog Monday: A Boy and His Beeba

Once Wallace experienced real life ladybugs this fall, he was hooked. I pulled out a TY Puffkins ladybug I had from 1998 and it was a fast friendship. It goes all around the apartment with him, goes to bed when we leave, rides in toys, is called for in the middle of the night, and gets kisses goodnight. He hasn’t shown any solid interest in a lovie type toy before. I’m hoping this one sticks despite being something I would have a decidedly hard time replacing if it was lost. Can you microchip a stuffed animal?


Bedtime snack with Beeba.


The ladybug shirt he painted and I drew on.

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10 Responses to Microblog Monday: A Boy and His Beeba

  1. Lindsay says:

    He is so darling! Maybe you could find a backup on eBay?

  2. Even more darling: he throws himself at me and says “tuddle.”
    If it looks like this is the beloved toy then I will enlist my dad to find a back up! He also should sell the small collection of beanie babies from when they were just starting to be cool.

  3. Just looked! They are $6-15. Totally doable if he loses it.

  4. Mel says:

    Oh! I call those ladybirds. That is such a cute shirt.

    Yeah, I’d grab the back-up if you can. And alternate between the two so they get worn down at the same rate. Kids notice when you replace their missing, grungy version with a fresh, clean one! I know (says the woman who purchased a second Playmobil kitty).

  5. If it looks like he is going to get more attached to it, I will!

  6. Sarah says:

    So adorable!

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  8. inbetweenmumblog says:

    Cha ching…craft idea banked! Love the shirt. Great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

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