Good Old St Valentine

I have been busy reading and washing dishes and not blogging the posts in my head. Today I will write ALL the posts in my head. Muahahahahaha!!! …. cough.

Wallace has been enjoying my shirt painting ideas so I came up with another one for him after searching for toddler Valentine crafts and finding this post. I had tried to get him to practice painting with some heart cookie cutters but it was too hard for him. Or maybe because it was his first time doing finger paints… um, yeh I am a bit behind.

Last year we took cute pictures and I did get him a book. It doesn’t look like a book will happen this year but we had all the supplies to make a shirt!

Cheap Walmart cotton shirt (pre-washed)
Fabric paints
Freezer paper (beware: this is a huge roll!)
Heart shape
Foam brush

Step One
Trace or free hand a heart onto a piece of freezer paper big enough to cover the shirt. I actually used last year’s book to trace two hearts onto it. Cut it out.

Step Two
Iron the paper onto the shirt, attempting to line it up straight. It only takes a few seconds to adhere and I didn’t have any residue issues. Place a piece of paper inside the shirt to keep the paint from seeping through.


Step Three
Put paint on plate, give paint brush to toddler, and step back. I ended up having to do some hand over hand because he was getting cranky. You want to get the design all the way to the outside of the heart or you won’t be able to see that it is a heart.



Step Four
Put up high to dry and peal off freezer paper later. You can wash it before they wear it. Follow any directions on the paint bottle.


Step Five
Get out finger paints and tape some freezer paper, plastic side down, to the table. This went over well minus the time he tried to taste it and nearly threw up.


Ooh this is fun!


Pretending to wash his hands and sing ABC.



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2 Responses to Good Old St Valentine

  1. Lindsay says:

    Love the shirt! Looks like he had lots of fun.

  2. Since I am adjusting nap time, this was right when he usually gets tired. Bad timing…

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